Veteran Resources

Veteran Resources

It’s our mission to provide timely and holistic support through informative and educational services. Our members include, but aren’t limited to, community leaders, mentors, professionals and paraprofessionals. Each member brings a unique gift to the program and shares the common goal of changing lives, communities and the environment through service.

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What benefits do a 100% disabled veteran receive?

Under Section 322.21, F.S., veterans with a 100% service connected disability are eligible for a no fee driver license, with endorsements or an ID card. The same veterans are also entitled to a no fee Veteran’s designation on their driver license or ID card. The “V” designation can be used to show proof of status for discounts at participating merchants. Qualified veterans should provide a valid identification card from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, including the 100%, total and permanently service-connected disability rating.

Under Section 320.084, F.S., 100% disabled veterans are eligible for “DV” license plate.

The following entitles the Disabled Veteran to one tax free license plate:

  • Continuous Fl resident for the preceding 5 years OR has established a domicile in this state.


  • Has a 100% service connected disabled rating


  •  The vehicle was initially acquired through financial assistance by the US Department of Veterans Affairs or its predecessor specifically for the purchase of an automobile.


  •  The applicant has been determined to have a service-connected disability rating of 100% and is in receipt of disability retirement pay from any branch of the US Armed Forces.

Section 316.1964(1), F.S., provides free parking at metered or timed parking on the public streets for Disabled Veteran, Disabled Veteran Wheelchair, Wheelchair Suffix or Paralyzed Veterans of America license plates, or if the vehicle is transporting the person who has a disability and was issued a disabled parking permit.