Program And Services

It is only through education and research that advancements in healthcare are made increasing the longevity and quality of life for veterans suffering from spinal cord injury or dysfunction. Because of this, Florida Gulf Coast PVA has initiated and supports a number of programs.

Research and Education

Florida Gulf Coast PVA offers scholarships to medical professionals allowing them the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills. Financial support is available for innovative research projects that seek a cure for paralysis as well as educational programs that improve the quality of life of our veterans.

Education Sponsorship

Our Education Sponsorship Program provides grants for continuing education programs across the country, as well as nursing scholarships at local colleges and nursing schools. As a result, many graduate nurses have joined the Veterans Administration health care system or private hospitals to provide specialty care for SCI/D patients in our area and abroad.


We offer a direct grant to the Tampa VA Medical Clinic SCI Unit to medical school graduates or Board-Certified Family Physicians specializing in the field of SCI/D health care.


Florida Gulf Coast PVA offers funds for attendees of educational seminars providing extensive, up-to-date information to health care professionals who, in turn, share their newly-acquired knowledge with their SCI associates by way of lectures and hands-on application.


The PVA/EPVA for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research at Yale University is a collaborative venture within PVA that encompasses the Yale School of Medicine and the West Haven VA Medical Center. The Miami Project, based at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine, has spearheaded international research into the cure of paralysis by employing world-renowned neurosurgeons. Both research facilities receive generous support from FGCPVA and other PVA chapters across the country.